Ink, Watercolor, Oil, & Acrylic

New York Artist

Copyright 2008 Mollie Bozarth

About this time in 2008 I was enjoying my very first trip to New York City as part of a master’s program.  My friends and I spent the day in Brooklyn at Ted and Betsy Lewin’s home, where Ted took us up to his photo studio to demonstrate lighting techniques.  Leaving Brooklyn that afternoon, a few of us ventured a walk across the Brooklyn Bridge.  Ahhh!…the sunset across the water behind Lady Liberty was gorgeous!  As we left the bridge and entered busy city streets, an old gentleman asked if we’d like our portraits drawn.  Sitting and watching him as he drew me, I thought, “I’d like to paint this guy!”  So, while he sketched the next customer, I snapped photos of him at work.  The light was quickly fading, but I managed to get a few good shots and piece them together to create the scene above.  It’s not my best painting (the skin tones are muddy in places).  However, I love the atmosphere of the piece and enjoy remembering that Brooklyn autumn day.


One response

  1. Love this! It feels so New York-y. Glad you have a piece to remember it by.

    October 23, 2012 at 3:39 pm

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