Ink, Watercolor, Oil, & Acrylic

Welcoming Spring

spring card web

The other day I hosted a watercolor workshop at my house…nothing fancy; just a time to hang out with friends and their daughters, and demonstrate a few watercolor basics with ink and washes.  This is the study I completed that afternoon.  I liked it well enough to turn it into a card!  It’s nice to simply sit down and paint for fun, without the pressure of a deadline or desire to please an art director.  The bird and blooms reminded me of this verse in Isaiah – one of my favorite verses because of the imagery it invokes!  Whether the very rocks of the mountains are crying out in praise, or the echo of birdsong trills through the hills, it captures the joyful essence of spring.  And, I can see trees in a field, their branches weighed down with blossoms, bobbing/swaying in a warm breeze…the rustle of applause as they dance for their Maker.

Happy Spring to you! May you go out in joy and be led forth in peace.


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