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Today’s post was inspired by my adventures during last week’s flood.  Trying to drive to school, I kept hitting road-blocks and small lakes (where once roads had been).  Eventually I found myself a block or so from my friend’s house and decided to seek refuge there.  As we waited out the worst of the storm, she checked her basement and found that the sump pump couldn’t keep up…water had begun to creep across the basement floor.  Thankfully, it hadn’t reached the finished area yet.  Her kids (elementary and middle-school age) sprang into action, quickly turning what would have been drudgery into some sort of adventure.  Max (a very prepared and practical boy) appeared with rubber gloves up to his elbows, and swimming goggles, to run investigate the sump.  Elena joined me in the basement with beach towels and a trash can.  We immediately started sopping and wringing…trying to keep the water from getting any further.  Max and his mom, meanwhile, found the wet-vac.  Max exchanged his goggles for ear plugs, tore off the rubber gloves, and spent the next 40 minutes like one of the heroes from Ghost Busters!  Elena, never short of energy herself, ran back and forth with towels until her feet were frozen and stomach was grumbling (all of this happened before breakfast).  An hour or so later, we collapsed upstairs to enjoy a much-earned breakfast and hot tea, grateful to hear the storm lessening outside.  Our story ended well…we managed to hold off serious flooding until the sump could catch up.  Many friends’ stories (and homes/basements) didn’t fare so well.

So, this post is in honor of Towel Ninja and Sump Buster  (aka Elena and Max).  In this world of grown-up responsibilities and natural disasters, their childlike enthusiasm made my day!


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