Ink, Watercolor, Oil, & Acrylic


Pooh Trad web

Pooh Cont web























I’m not stuck…Pooh Bear is! Above are two color comps I finished today for a client. She likes the traditional style; her husband wants something more contemporary. So, we’ll see whether I’m moving in the right direction! Color comps (compositions) in the illustration world are small studies showing how the final painting could look.  As illustrators, we may have one image in our head of what to create…while the art director, editor, or client is imagining something rather different.  So, preliminary sketches, layouts, and comps enable communication to occur.  The process can be time-consuming, but is just as important as the product.  In the long run it saves time. And it should prevent you having to redo the entire finished painting/illustration.

These comps are merely a segment of a much larger layout.  Perhaps I’ll post a photo of the finished illustration later on.


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