Ink, Watercolor, Oil, & Acrylic

For Myself

copyright 2015 Mollie Bozarth

copyright 2015 Mollie Bozarth

Sometimes we artists need to create for our own sake…something just for fun, just for us.  Having looked for some decoration to fit a tall, narrow space in my house, I finally decided to paint something for that space myself.  Last week I found a 24″ x 48″ canvas on sale – just the thing!  And a blank canvas to an artist…well it calls to you, beckoning to be filled.  So, since Monday was President’s Day, I set myself the challenge of completing the entire painting in one afternoon.  I found reference images, roughed out a sketch for proportions, then proceeded to block in the background with the largest paintbrush I own.  I wanted to keep things loose, trying to avoid the temptation to overwork areas.  And I determined to “draw with a brush”, meaning I didn’t sketch anything in pencil but simply laid in basic shapes with the same large brush I’d used for the background.  The result is a painting I’m pretty pleased with!  I managed to capture the feel of a windy day with churning water and spray.  And, minus a couple tweaks later in the week, I did finish the entire painting in one afternoon.  Is this my greatest masterpiece?  No…I’ve painted many pieces more technically difficult and creatively designed than this one.  However, this piece is a snapshot for me: created for a purpose, for fun, within a time frame.  The snapshot shows me how far I’ve come in the last 20 years – from a high school painting student who only used tiny brushes, was always a slave to the reference image, and struggled to blend acrylics (often overworking to the point of creating mud on the canvas).  I feel more freedom as an artist than I did back then, and I hope that shows in this painting.  Below is the finished work in its intended space at my home.

master bath web


One response

  1. Tara

    I feel like if I look too closely, I’m going to find myself on that sailboat a la The Voyage of the Dawn Treader. I like that painting very much!

    April 6, 2015 at 9:30 pm

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